London Geodes: The Beauty Inside

Ventique Art Gallery is pleased to present London Geodes: The Beauty Inside, a new body of work by Matteo Margaroli. This exhibition brings together Margaroli’s London Geodes and Galassia collections.

Taking inspiration from diverse sources including his childhood spent hunting for crystals in the Italian Alps, the streets of London, and the Old Master’s paintings, London Geodes explores the contrast between the nondescript stone exterior of geodes and the hidden secrets within; quartz crystals, agate or amethyst. Starting out as air bubbles inside cavernous rocks, geodes are formed over millions of years, due to mineral-rich water flowing through the hollow rock interior.

Margaroli’s fascination with unearthing geodes started as a child; he was captivated by understanding how they formed and finding the hidden precious crystals. However, it is only by breaking the stone the inner beauty is revealed. Margaroli’s desire to extract the beauty concealed within the unexceptional rock exterior, references his ambition to unearth the hidden beauty within us; referencing how the cover of a book does not always reveal its contents. Each London Geode takes its name from a London street; the sparkling crystal mapping out the geometric urban landscape while also highlighting the city’s impact on Margaroli’s practice.

In the exhibition, Margaroli explores the format of the Geode through wall mounted and freestanding sculptures. The outer surface of the geode rock is reimagined and recreated in metal with a crack cutting through, revealing a slice of shimmering crystal within. The jagged peaks and troughs of the metal reference Margaroli’s architectural background, while also alluding to the multifaceted crystals used in the artworks. Each crystal is hand cut, covered in gold foil and individually placed, sparkling in reaction to light.

Adam and Eve Muse takes inspiration from the first man and woman; the freestanding sculpture consists of two figurative Geodes, facing each other, almost embracing, yet not quite touching. The internal crystals are predominantly visible to its partner, yet sections of the precious interior can be seen when actively engaging with the sculpture. The piece takes inspiration from the beauty that respective partners see in each other, cutting through the layers of hard stone exterior to only see the inner beauty.

Ventique Art Gallery, 77 Lots Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0RN
The exhibition runs from 12th October – 15th December 2017
Monday – Friday: 9.30-17.30 and weekends by appointment