Artists Sarah Hamilton and Gabriela Szulman in the Spotlight

In their new multi-media exhibition, Orso Major are highlighting the works of two of their artists, Sarah Hamilton and Gabriela Szulman in “Drawing Inspiration“.

Opening tomorrow (25th March 2014) at their gallery near the Southbank, prints, drawings, paintings, ceramics and jewellery go on display by artists Hamilton and Szulman. Both artists share a desire to explore fragmentation and the reassembly of form that is evident in their work.

Sarah Hamilton’s work as been described as “joyful, fresh and contemporary” and is best shown through her beautiful drawings and colourful prints. Interestingly Hamilton uses both manual and digital printing to produce her pieces which are inspired by artists such as Milton Avery and Paul Klee. Impressively Hamilton’s designs have been stocked by both Heal’s and Habitat.

In contrast, Gabriela Szulman’s uses inspiration from family photographs and letters to produce works focusing on the theme of memory. Similar to Hamilton, Szulman uses both manual and digital techniques to produce her works and uses a wide variety of techniques and media.

Both artists works are impressively varied and personal on many levels and to show this, their range of work displayed will be available to view at Orso Major gallery from the 25th March to 5th April.

Alternatively, for the chance to meet these two fascinating artists, attend the Private View of Drawing Inspiration at Orso Major on Wednesday 26th March from 6-9pm.


Header Image: Selection of work by Drawing Inspiration artists Sarah Hamilton.

Canarf Wharf - Worms Eye View by Janet Brooke

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