Tom French - Flux

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin Gallery

It is not often than an exhibition of monochrome paintings and prints can seem so alive, yet Tom French’s work on display at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in the City is captivating and engaging.

Lucky enough to attend the Private View at Lawrence Alkin’s London Gallery (their sister gallery Ink’d in Brighton can often also be found exhibiting at many of the London art fairs) during which I saw French’s work for the first time. Forcing me to walk around the paintings, lean in then walk away, the artist brilliantly blends smaller portraits and human study into larger skull like forms that dominate the canvas’s.

Although at first sight the theme of the work is continuous, dealing with the juxtaposition of life study with the macabre, the works differ and vary showing the development in Tom French’s style and technique.

The curious element for me was the grid-like back ground to many of the paintings which is in places distorted to create a warped background that in places appears to make the space beyond the faces almost three-dimensional.

Take advantage of being able to see Tom French’s work together in this brilliant exhibition and make your way to Lawrence Alkin Gallery before it closes on May 3rd!