Young Masters End of Summer Party

On Thursday 7th September Brownhill Insurance Group sponsored the Young Masters Art Prize. Many entrants of the prize, past and present were exhibited; boasting a variety of mediums and subject. The exhibition showed new works of contemporary art that took inspiration from the past, hence the name ‘Young Masters’. Artists of all ages were permitted to enter and indeed were on show.

Held at the Royal Over-Seas League in St. James’s, London – this impressive building is a fitting venue for works of such high caliber. The pieces perfectly displayed throughout for all to admire.

As we arrived the Younger Masters curator, Cynthia Corbett was arriving via the stair lift, with Gillian Henderson, our Managing Director at Brownhills hobbling along behind on crutches. Both having suffered recent injuries – a sold out event like this could not be missed and the term ‘suffer for your art’ was never truer than seeing them both carry on so gracefully.

One of our favourite pieces was a film by Amartey Golding, a rising and talented artist who we had the pleasure of meeting. Titled ‘Chainmail’ – this 15-minute film challenges stereotypical perceptions of black masculinity and sexuality. At its centre this performance piece features a dance by Amartey’s brother Solomon Golding, who is a member of the Royal Ballet. Sadly we were unable to fulfill Amartey’s request for an after party – hopefully next time Amartey!

This year’s winner was Azita Moradkhani with her striking series titled ‘Victorious Secrets’. Azita embeds artwork into old-fashioned lingerie and uses colour pencils on paper. Her inspiration comes from her first experience of walking into a Victoria Secret store in the U.S. Her mind drawn to the juxtaposition between her home country of Iran where such objects are hidden away in private vs the frivolous nature of the United States. The drawings of intimate lingerie, ‘Victorious Secrets,’ explore connected narratives of pain and pleasure through repeated abstract patterns and images based on photojournalism and iconography. Azita’s work was not actually displayed on the evening as she had a rather impressive sell-out.

It was great to see so many of our clients and members of the VIP Art Club attend and we hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

Written by Megan Thompson and Angela Stewart of Brownhill Insurance Group